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About Uplift Press

Uplift Press provides high quality, user-friendly, accessible materials that teach and uplift children and families.  The ultimate goal of Liking Myself, The Mouse, the Monster and Me, and all of our future books, is preventing—through education—dysfunctional behaviors that cause social harm.

The Story of Uplift Press   

Pat Palmer and Louise Hart became friends as graduate psychology students in Colorado, and both of their doctoral dissertations became best-selling books.

Pat’s dissertation, on teaching assertiveness from an early age, was published as two children’s books—Liking Myself, and The Mouse, the Monster and Me. They became international bestsellers in six languages, selling over half a million copies around the globe with Impact Publishers.  They went out of print in the U.S. in 2000, much to the dismay of Louise’s workshop participants.  Copies were soon selling on Amazon for over a hundred dollars.

One day Louise’s daughter, Kristen, found a hundred-year-old book in an antique store called The Uplift Book of Child Culture. The name became part of Louise’s message to the world, and inspired her to become the new publisher for Pat’s wonderful books. Together they found a way to bring Pat's books out of retirement.

Louise started a new career at age 70 to revitalize the good work of her 80-year-old friend. Both feel their work will not be finished until all children are raised to believe in and understand themselves.

In 2011, Uplift Press found a publishing partner that could take Pat's books to a greater audience. They were re-designed with illustrations by Sue Ramá, and are now widely available thanks to the wonderful people at Bolden Publishing.


About the Creators

Dr. Pat Palmer wrote many books for youngsters and adults. A clinical psychologist and former Director of the Assertiveness Training Institute in Denver, Dr. Palmer has always taken pleasure in teaching people to like themselves, stand up for themselves, and to be assertive with a smile and a kind manner. She also wrote Teen Esteem with Melissa Froehner to teach these and other skills to teens. In memory of her grandmother, who believed Pat could be anyone she wanted to be, she wrote I Wish I Could Hold Your Hand to help young people deal with losing a dear loved one. Dr. Pat Palmer continues to write at her home on Maui.  Her books are especially popular in Japan as well as Germany, Spain, South Korea, China, Croatia, Denmark and the Philippines. Visit www.drpatpalmer.com to say hello.

Publisher Dr. Louise Hart is the author of two highly regarded books, The Winning Family: Increasing Self-Esteem in Your Children and Yourself and On the Wings of Self Esteem.  Having presented workshops as far as Heidelberg, Moscow, Tokyo, and Okinawa, she now presents at conferences and in California’s Bay Area. Learn more at www.drlouisehart.com and even watch her wonderful, informative presentations on parenting from home at www.youtube.com/drlouisehart.

Betty Shondeck, who illustrated the original edition and assisted with the Uplift update, is a retired elementary school art teacher living in the Denver area.

Kristen Caven co-founded Uplift Press, building the website and re-formatting Pat’s updated books.  Kristen’s literary efforts can be enjoyed at www.kristencaven.com.

Check out Dr. Louise Hart's website for more books and information on shaping great kids!

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