Liking Myself
The Mouse, the Monster and Me

For Counselors and Educators

To make this book available and accessible for teaching groups of children, we provide three easy steps:

  1. Purchase the digital version of the book you'd like to teach and show each chapter to your class as a slideshow, like a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Bulk order books for all your students (see below)
  3. Download a free lesson plan and prepare your lessons. Choose from:

"Liking Myself is an encouraging book and a valuable resource for building self-esteem and emotional stability in young people 5 to 10 years of age. The Mouse, the Monster and Me, meant for readers ages 8 and up, teaches healthy, non-violent conflict management skills that are more vital than ever in today's increasingly interdependent society. These excellent tools for teachers, therapists, and parents are highly recommended."

"The activities and discussions are perfect for families or guidance groups!"

"I have used Liking Myself and The Mouse, the Monster and Me for all of my 23 years of elementary counseling classroom lessons, and my copies are tattered beyond repair. They are among the best resources to teach assertiveness and personal skills—students retain the information and refer to them years later."

Order in Bulk and Save

Books purchased in quantity for schools, associations, fundraisers, or stores can receive a discount. Contact the publisher for more information.


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