The Souls of Her Feet

Book One of the Fairytale Reality Project


In this colorful and quirky crossover novel, Kristen Caven reimagines Cinderella as a middle American teenager with body image issues. This sweet and slightly twisted version of the beloved fairytale bubbles with amusing character interpretations and emotionally resonant plot twists. The Souls of Her Feet will inspire moms (and dads) into new conversations with their daughters (and sons) about responsibility, being passive or assertive, morality, waste, life choices, cross-dressing, and best of all, cleaning house.

Caven’s postmodern, self-aware emotional fantasy gives the fairy godmother a meaningful relationship with Ashley’s lost parents. (And what teenage girl doesn’t wish a gay uncle figure would magically appear and affirm her personal sensibility in a world of clutter and materialism?) When she finally gets to the prom, wearing just the right shoes, Ashley feels transformed and finally seen for who she is inside. A campy adventure of assisted self-rescue from a childhood gone wrong.

This new (4th) edition contains bonus materials such as essays by the main characters and songs from the musical.

156 pages (English) icon-amazonicon-indieicon-ibooks
ISBN: 978-1-950282-49-4
6×9″ • $13.99
Editions: Blook > Little Pig Productions > Uplift Press (2015, 2019) 

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The Bullying Antidote

Superpower Your Kids for Life

by Dr. Louise Hart and Kristen Caven

With bullying at epidemic proportions, parents have to work to protect children from violence, depression, substance abuse, and suicide. More than anyone else, parents and other caring adults have that power, and can promote the well-being of children.

In this critical, life-saving book, Hart and Caven give parents the skills they need to help their children—whether 6, 16, or 26—cope with bullying. They explore the ways they can be the antidote to pain inflicted by bullies, and immunize their kids against emotional harm.

The Bullying Antidote focuses on prevention as well as healing for the entire family. It is the first parenting book to explore bullying and other abusive behaviors in the context of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

Packed with insight and helpful information on how bullying relates to all societal ills, this book is a resource for building deep connection, protection, and empowerment. The authors provide a course of action for:

  • creating a family culture where bullying behavior is not accepted,
  • boosting inner strength in children—self-respect, self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience,
  • teaching assertiveness skills so that kids do not bully others, or attract bullies.

Written in an accessible and guilt-free style, The Bullying Antidote synthesizes the research, practices, and wisdom that brings out the best in parents and children alike. It also helps parents improve their knowledge, emotional well-being, and confidence.

Read an interview with both authors here.

375 pages (English)icon-indieicon-amazon
ISBN-10: 1616494174
ISBN-13: 978-1616494179
6×9″ $14.95
Hazelden (2013)

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The Zorgos Project

Discussion Guide for The Bullying Antidote

This guide provides questions and resources for each chapter, plus a sign-in sheet for reading groups and a completion certificate. It is peppered with engaging, illuminating illustrations from Dr. Hart’s lectures, designed to bring parents into greater connection with their children, their own lives, and our cultural fight against bullying dynamics.

Learn more about the Zorgos Project community reading program at

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The Winning Family

Increasing Self-Esteem in Your Children — and Yourself

By Dr. Louise Hart

More than a book on parenting, The Winning Family focuses on the personal development of parents along with the development of their children.

It presents a hopeful model for breaking out of damaging patterns and shaping families characterized by joy and satisfaction, not manipulation and guilt.

Packed with the best information on mental and emotional health, this book sets out in a clear, logical order with the skills adults need to make their children feel loved and worthwhile, and to steer them from trouble.

The Winning Family sets forth in an accessible, compelling format the necessary information to right the wrongs of the past, instead of repeating them. With new information, parents can shift from a fear-based upbringing to love-based interactions with their own children, and enjoy a healthier, happier family.

This book is a classic guide to positive parenting, sprinkled with stories of the author’s experiences while raising two sons and a daughter—and changing intergenerational family patterns.

The Winning Family:

  • Helps develop refreshing ways to enhance bonding, trust, and play, thereby deepening family closeness and joy,
  • Enhances social and emotional well-being that can steer youngsters from risky behavior,
  • Provides strategies for preventing problems, plus practical alternatives to punishment, and
  • Inspires men and women to become the parents they wish they had had.
240 pages (English)
ISBN: 978-0890876893 
6×9″ • available used + eBook excerptsicon-amazon
Editions: Dodd, Meade > LifeSkills Press > Celestial Arts > Currently out of print 

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