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Discussion Guide for The Bullying Antidote

This guide provides questions and resources for each chapter, plus a sign-in sheet for reading groups and a completion certificate. It is peppered with engaging, illuminating illustrations from Dr. Hart’s lectures, designed to bring parents into greater connection with their children, their own lives, and our cultural fight against bullying dynamics.

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On the Wings of Self-Esteem

A Practical Guide for Personal Transformation

by Dr. Louise Hart with Kristen Caven

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Earth-bound caterpillars transform into soaring butterflies, so why do human beings seem to go through a reverse metamorphosis?  Born as beautiful, expansive creatures, many of us are forced by life’s hardships to become caterpillars.  Over time, our positive, soaring souls become buried under layers of negativity.

“A wonderful book!”Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

On the Wings of Self-Esteem is an uplifting and transforming book in which practical wisdom is presented in a lyrical and accessible manner.  It is a collection of the best information available to help you enhance your most important relationship—with your Self.  The short engaging chapters and exercises result in tiny shifts in thought and action that push you in a better direction every day.

Self-worth—or the lack thereof—dictates how we manage our lives. It is the inborn, unconditional feeling of love and well-being that is absolutely crucial to mental health. This book will help you uncover your wonderful true nature that has been there all along.

140 pages (English)icon-indieicon-amazon
ISBN-10: 0962283444
ISBN-13: 978-0962283444
6×9″ $12.95
Celestial Arts > Uplift Press (2010)

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