Liking Myself
The Mouse, the Monster and Me

manage negative emotions, Liking Myself is a must-have resource for any parent to improve child behavior, low self-esteem, and build emotional literacy. The book helps children (5-11) recognize and manage emotions, especially when depressed, upset, or overwhelmed. This social emotional guide helps children build self-esteem and self-confidence by teaching them to listen and talk about feelings. Children learn to manage the full range of their emotions, even negative ones like anxiety, anger, depression and overwhelm, by writing or drawing responses to specific scenarios. The author speaks directly to the young reader in a warm and personal way, explaining difficult concepts simply and succinctly, and using self-esteem activities to help children learn and grow. Topics include: liking yourself, feeling talk, allowing, letting go, and body talk.

"There are no adequate words to tell you how fantastic and helpful Liking Myself is."

Reviews for Liking Myself

"Liking Myself is ideal for children who struggle with low self esteem. I have found this book to be especially helpful for children who present with significant depressive symptoms, or are currently grieving."

"I appreciate that Liking Myself covers numerous topics about how to improve mind-body connection, including how to listen to what your body is saying to you. One cute drawing created for the Body Talk section shows a child sitting in a chair with little thought clouds coming from various parts of her body that read: "I am tight! I am clenched! I am relaxed!" This illustration serves as a great reminder to tune in to the state of our bodies, before the messages get louder or become painful. I highly recommend this book!"

"The important message in Liking Myself is for every person of every age and would prevent a lot of psychological disorders and depression in teen and adult life: It is OK and healthy to LIKE YOURSELF. I highly recommend this book as a MUST, not only for your child but also for yourself as a person and parent and for every teen. Everyone needs this book!"

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