Liking Myself
The Mouse, the Monster and Me

learn to deal with anger, The Mouse, the Monster and Me helps develop social skills that can bullyproof youngsters (8+). Youngsters quickly grasp the metaphor and discover and develop their assertive "me" self. Aggressive children learn to get needs met without being "monsters"; passive children ("mice") find their voices and learn to ask for what they need. It helps both deal with bullies and bullying by helping youngsters learn conflict resolution skills and how to deal with anger in themselves and others. They learn assertiveness skills, plus how to decrease disruptive behavior and deal with anger through the "me" communication style, which is based on rights, responsibility and respect. This increases both their confidence and self-esteem, and improves their relationship with others. Other topics addressed include: getting in touch with your own strengths, how to say "no" to trouble, receiving criticism and compliments, and being yourself.

"The Mouse, the Monster and Me is a valuable and empowering book."

Reviews for The Mouse, The Monster and Me

"The Mouse, the Monster and Me is a must-have book for every parent and teacher! I read it to my children who learned how to handle themselves in situations where they felt overwhelmed or enraged. Thank you for making this valuable resource available again."

"It is recommended that Palmer's The Mouse, the Monster and Me be used because passive, assertive, and aggressive responses are defined and assertive responses are demonstrated."

"Now I know how to be assertive and say 'no.' I also know how to give compliments. Thank you for inventing this. I really appreciate it."

"We have had a lot of trouble with my son being a bully (he has aggression issues as part of his Autism) and I LOVED how this book talked about the Monster and what it feels like in your body and mind to be that Monster. Brilliant!"

"I used to be a mouse and now I'm assertive."

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