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On the Wings of Self-Esteem

On the Wings of Self-Esteem is an uplifting and transforming book about recovering the soaring sense of self-presence and self-worth that makes life worth living. Wings will enhance your most important relationship—with your Self.

Self-esteem—or the lack thereof—dictates how we manage our lives. It is the inborn, unconditional feeling of love and well-being that is absolutely crucial to mental health. This book will help you uncover your wonderful true nature that has been there all along. The short engaging chapters and exercises result in tiny shifts in thought and action that push you in a better direction every day.

Through the uplifting metaphor of a caterpillar's metamorphosis into a butterfly, author Dr. Louise Hart explores three stages of personal transformation in this user-friendly book: Reaching In, Reaching Out, and Reaching High.

Through these stages, we learn to listen to ourselves, accept ourselves, set personal boundaries, and formulate goals.

Each chapter offers exercises that tell us exactly how to do these things. Emerging from our former cocoon, we are ready to approach the world anew, armed with the self-esteem necessary to soar.

On the Wings of Self-Esteem is an indispensable resource to help adults get in touch with their best selves. Written with Kristen Caven.


"Help stamp out the alienation and anger in our culture with this book."

Reviews for On the Wings of Self-Esteem

"A wonderful book on self-esteem that is practical, uplifting and transforming."

"A significant book on an important topic. Reflects practical wisdom based on a blending of compassion and experience."

"It's a gem! Keep pushing the great treasure of self-esteem. May it infect everyone."

"A wonderful collection of wisdom presented in simple lyrical language. Exactly what our society so desperately needs right now. This beautiful book makes a giant contribution that will help stamp out the alienation and anger in our culture. It should be required reading in schools, colleges, churches, and should be recommended by every psychologist and psychiatrist."

"On the Wings of Self-Esteem is an elegant little book that teaches clients about self-esteem: how it is lost, how it is regained, how to keep it. Beautifully crafted, it is a pleasure to read. My clients love it!"

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Wings is perfect for...

  • Anyone in transition
  • Anyone leaving a relationship
  • Anyone healing from abuse
  • Anyone recovering from addiction
  • Anyone who struggles with self-esteem

Hey Professors...

"This is one of the main books I use in my sociology class. It gives students opportunities to look at themselves, gain self-confidence, and approach the world in a more positive way."

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