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Reviews for Both Books

"I have used these books for all of my 23 years of elementary counseling classroom lessons. My copies are tattered beyond repair. They are among the best resources to teach assertiveness and personal skills—students retain the information and refer to them years later!"

Liking Myself is an encouraging book and a valuable resource for building self-esteem and emotional stability in young people 5 to 10 years of age. The Mouse, the Monster and Me, meant for readers ages 8 and up, teaches healthy, non-violent conflict management skills that are more vital than ever in today's increasingly interdependent society. These excellent tools for teachers, therapists, and parents are highly recommended.

“Pat Palmer has the gift of speaking to and for children. In a time when children are bombarded on all sides by destructive media messages, her books help children understand the value of kindness and caring—including kindness and caring for oneself.”

"Great books for helping children understand themselves and each other. I've given them to my eight-year-old granddaughters, one of whom reacts to difficult feelings as a monster and the other as a mouse. Their mother finds each book helpful in promoting discussion, understanding, and resolution between the girls.

“Thanks, grandma. They help me be a better kid.”

Two Great Books on Self Esteem and Bullying! — Psychology Today

Liking Myself is ideal for children who struggle with low self esteem. It is especially helpful for children who present with significant depressive symptoms, or are currently grieving. What most impresses me about Liking Myself is Dr. Palmer's concepts of allowing, body talk and letting go.

The Mouse,The Monster And Me is ideal for children who routinely find themselves on the receiving end of bullying. My favorite portion of The Mouse,The Monster And Me has to do with dealing with criticisms. In this portion of the book, children learn techniques to recognize and distinguish criticisms which apply to them, and those that do not.

I strongly recommend Liking Myself being used together with The Mouse,The Monster And Me.

“My son gave the book the best endorsement any mother (or author) could ever hear: ‘You know that book about the monster and the mouse, Mom?’ He smiled into the sun. ‘It's like it was written just for me. How did the author know I struggle with stuff like this?’ I wiped away a silent tear. You're one step closer to you, I whispered. inwardly thanking Pat Palmer and Dr. Hart for their efforts to fill my little boy's heart with all the joy he deserves.”

“I bought Liking Myself about 15 years ago when my daughter was 4. I found it tonight and started to read it. I’ve been in counseling for codependency and emotional abuse issues and at age 54 find this book AMAZING! It’s funny, because in my group we just finished talking about all the things you talk about in your book, specifically being your own best friend. Thank you for writing it. You made a big difference in my life.”

“Liking Myself is a great book to work through with children who lack confidence in themselves. The Mouse, the Monster and Me book is wonderful for teaching kids appropriate social skills and communication techniques.
— Susan Heim, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul: All in the Family

The important message in Liking Myself is for every person of every age: It is OK and healthy to LIKE YOURSELF. It would prevent a lot of psychological disorders and depression in teen and adult life. This book as a MUST, not only for your child but also for yourself as a person and parent and for every teen. Everyone needs this book.

The Mouse, The Monster and Me tells how a person can learn to be ME. It is not good to be a Mouse and let everyone walk all over you. It is not healthy or wise to be a Monster and attack those who disagree with you. It is wonderful and secure and happy to be ME— non-threateningly assertive in positive ways that encourage others also to be themselves.

If everyone lived by the lessons in this little book, there would perhaps be no wars, crime, or divorce! The lessons are that powerful. Every person any age needs this book. Get it TODAY!

The Mouse, the Monster and Me is a valuable and empowering book.

Liking Myself covers numerous topics about how to improve mind-body connection, including how to listen to what your body is saying to you before the messages get louder or become painful. I highly recommend this book.

The Mouse, the Monster and Me is a simple, clever, and inspiring book that can also help adults who are working toward healing old childhood wounds. I highly recommend it for everyone—including teachers and therapists who help empower others!

It is recommended that Palmer's The Mouse, the Monster and Me be used because passive, assertive, and aggressive responses are defined and assertive responses are demonstrated.

Wow, what a nice, enjoyable way to present conflict management skills to children and parents. If you have been looking for ways to reach your munchkin who is struggling with self-esteem or has shown aggressive behavior, these two fantastic books are certainly worth your time! They are must-haves for parents, school counselors, therapists and teachers.

The Mouse, the Monster and Me focuses on being assertive, about making good choices and standing up for yourself. I really wish that I had read this book as a child because admittedly, I used to be the "mouse" being walked on by the "people monsters." The beauty though, is that it's never too late.

My son thinks if he's assertive people will not like him. He’s confusing being assertive with being a "monster" (bully). The Mouse, the Monster and Me opened up his mind to how he shouldn't be a "mouse".

Liking Myself is a great book that teaches kids the importance of being true to themselves, feeling free to like the things that like, and how to be confident about themselves.

There is A LOT of great information packed between the covers of both these outstanding books. Two thumbs up from me as well as five stars. They are fantastic books!

These books teach valuable life lessons to all ages. They are a must for any family, no matter how old your kids are.

Liking Myself teaches us that it is indeed okay to like ourselves. It is all about self worth and self-approval, something you do not find too often in children's books. I would have loved having these books in my preschool classroom.

We have had a lot of trouble with Aiden being a bully (he has aggression issues as part of his Autism). I LOVED how this book talked about the Monster and what it feels like in your body and mind to be that Monster. Brilliant!

These books are delightful in their innocence, healthy in their advice, empowering in their message. I wish I’d grown up with them and their message.

I loved these books! My kids (now grown) still hear me reminding them not to be mice or monsters…, but to just say what is on their minds, as that is most fair to themselves and for others.

These books are fantastic. I really enjoyed reading them myself, and I intend to use them in my work with juvenile offenders. Many read at the 3rd and 4th grade levels, and, unfortunately many do not like themselves.

Parents can confidently provide these books to their children with full assurance that they contain the kinds of values and prescriptions for positive behavior which would qualify for the behavior therapist’s imprimatur.

Liking Myself made me feel a million times better about myself. It helped me get rid of negativity and appreciate the little things in life!

Liking Myself helps children find and restore their dignity. The Mouse, the Monster and Me helps transform the identities of children and parents from possibly monster-y and mouse-y— with the distress of pain, sorrow, guilt and anger— to a search for the “me” in them. Highly recommended!

The Mouse, the Monster and Me is one of my students’ favorite tools. They relate to the ‘mouse’ and ‘monster’ analogies, and learn to identify those behaviors in themselves and others. It’s a great resource for parents and professionals to use with kids. The activities and discussions are perfect for families or guidance groups!

I have learned a very important thing from Liking Myself: to express your feelings, you must not blame others. I used to lie but now I don’t.

There are no adequate words to tell you how fantastic and helpful Liking Myself is.

The Mouse, the Monster and Me is a must-have book for every parent and teacher! My children learned how to handle themselves in situations where they feel overwhelmed or enraged. It helped them to see there is a middle ground where they can stand up for themselves, but not be aggressive.

Liking Myself is a great little book to read with kids. It is very helpful when working with 5-10 year-olds.

My youngest child appreciated the emotional permission granted by Liking Myself and its simple yet important messages like “Anger is an OK feeling” and “It is okay to like yourself and be your own good friend.” She was much more willing to talk about her feelings when questions were posed “by the book.” And many of her responses were surprising. I don’t think the concept of “liking herself” had been posed to her before. I was glad to see her explore it.

The Mouse, the Monster and Me, for older kids, deals with thornier topics like assertiveness, handling criticism, and the difference between compliments and flattery. They focus on helping children know, accept, and better themselves so they can be more confident and caring social beings.

I highly recommend both books.

Liking Myself and The Mouse, the Monster and Me are valuable resources for every library, classroom, and home, and valuable for teachers, parents, counselors, and even those dealing with troubled youth. These short books for children are ultimately geared towards preventing dysfunctional behaviors.

I’m most impressed with the activities and exercises that are given to the children in these books. One example of how powerful this is, lies within The Mouse, the Monster and Me. A discussion about criticism involves asking the child questions about how they “feel” when criticized, and what they “do” when criticized (in a checklist fashion). It then gives the child TOOLS –a step-by-step instruction guide on what to do in the midst of being criticized. WOW! These books can be helpful in so many situations— with the shy child needing to be more assertive, with the child who is a perfectionist, with the troubled youth acting out in anger as a bully, or even children being bullied themselves.

We all want our children to be assertive. We want them to make good decisions and be able to stand up for themselves. We want our children to like themselves and be confident in identifying and coping with their emotions using positive outlets. The Mouse, the Monster and Me, and Liking Myself assist children in learning all these critical social and emotional skills.

I would recommend not just purchasing one of these books - but instead getting both, Liking Myself and The Mouse, the Monster and Me. They can help prevent unacceptable behaviors and discipline problems from the inside out.

My favorite chapter in The Mouse, the Monster and Me deals with how to handle criticism. Many kids at any age have a lot of trouble with being able to accept criticism. On the flip side, a lot of parents have trouble correcting and guiding their children and that leads the child to live in a world where they can do no wrong. If you pat your kid on the back no matter what they do, they will develop a distorted sense of confidence that could hurt them later in life. Learning to accept and improve themselves based on criticism and feedback is an important skill to learn.

Wow! Soooo many adults struggle with believing in themselves. If they had only had these books when they were children…. They are fantastic. Thank you Dr. Louise Hart for making them available again!

Liking Myself
The Mouse, the Monster and Me

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