About Us

Book cover for The Uplift Book of Child CultureUplift Press (formerly LifeSkills Press) is a women-owned and operated publishing company that recognizes that books have a life of their own. Some of our titles were “born” on Uplift, some were rescued by us, and some have retired here. We don’t believe in backlists!

Our name was inspired by a beautiful book found in an antique store while we were working on a parenting book and raising kids. Published before the development of modern psychology, the book holds both parenting and childhood in high regard, as do we. Our books are inspiring and humanistic in nature, bringing forth the best of what is inside us and our families. All our books are connected to Positive Psychology, which shift attention away from pathology, damage, and weakness to emphasize well-being, positive emotions, strengths and virtues that prevent suffering and dysfunction. We want to help our readers release their highest potential.

Our Authors

Dr. Louise Hart is a community psychologist and thought leader who authored The Winning Family: Increasing Self-Esteem in Your Children and Yourself, On the Wings of Self-Esteem, and The Bullying Antidote: Superpower Your Kids for Life. A professional speaker, she delivered over 400 presentations to communities and military families across the nation, in Germany, Japan, and Okinawa.

Her first book, The Winning Family, was based on her doctoral dissertation, merging her passion for prevention with her commitment to families. The Winning Family was one of the first books to address building mental health in the family. In promoting her workshops, Dr. Hart originated the term “positive parenting.”

Her second book, On the Wings of Self-Esteem, was based on everything she learned during her personal transformation from a “mousy doctor’s wife” and then “displaced homemaker” (according to graduate school jargon in the late 1970s), to an international speaker who soared beyond expectations. It has been highly praised by many, including Jack Canfield, Jerry Jampolsky, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and Dr. Michele Borba.

Hart’s third book, The Bullying Antidote, was the first book to frame bullying as related to ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). Her entire life’s work has been “to save kids’ lives and create healthier grownups” by helping parents develop the skills to raise healthy children. Since you can’t give what you don’t have, she uplifts parents with clear, accessible information to inspire mental health and well-being. When the competency and self-esteem of parents improves, the behavior, mental health, and self-esteem of their children also improves. Her target audience has included parents, child-care providers, and others who love and care about children. Follow Dr. Hart on Facebook.

Kristen Caven is an award-winning artist and writer known for her plays, poems, books and humor. Her first accomplishment was being born as Louise Hart’s daughter, and throughout her life Kristen has been honored to inspire, support, develop, and collaborate on all of Louise’s works. She created cartoon illustrations for all of Dr. Hart’s books and workshops, and co-founded both Lifeskills Press and Uplift Press. Understanding the importance of positive adult influences in the lives of children, Kristen was a dedicated parent and community leader and activist while raising her son. Kristen has served on the boards of six parenting organizations,* most notably Child-Friendly Initiative. Passionate about reading and critical thinking, she has set up several book clubs, including The Zorgos Project which distributed 3000 parenting books to parents in Oakland, California. She is currently president of the Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club.

Kristen received a certificate in Positive Psychology through the Flourishing Center and is an honorary member of the United Nations Association (Berkeley) for her work with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Kristen is the author of The Souls of Her Feet, which was based on her musical, Shoes, a Mirror, and a Big, Pink Rose. She has also authored two memoirs about being a cartoonist, and sells cards and t-shirts featuring her drawings at Little Pig Productions. She has also written over 60 blog posts for ADDitude Magazine. Through all of her writings and teaching she is dedicated to creating empathy by inspiring, enlightening, and amusing her audiences, and guiding others towards a greater vision. Learn more at www.kristencaven.com.

Dr. Pat Palmer was Louise’s mentor in graduate school, and a lifelong friend. Founder and director of the Assertiveness Training Institute of Denver, “Dr. Pat” counseled adults and young people throughout the U.S. A clinical psychologist, she wrote several books. Her best-selling children’s books, Liking Myself and The Mouse, the Monster and Me, helped many generations of children develop essential life skills. Based on her dissertation, they address the root causes of pain, dysfunction, and addiction she saw in her clients. Originally published by Impact Publishers, they sold half a million copies internationally. Later in life, Pat gave Louise Hart the rights to republish them to support another generation. Dr. Palmer also wrote Teen Esteem and I Wish I Could Hold Your Hand.

Dr. Palmer raised two daughters, and worked professionally in a wide variety of children’s programs, including the New Jersey Youth Employment Services, the YMCA and the YWCA.

Joe Wions came to live with Louise and Kristen’s family after college, when Kristen was a child. They remained close friends as Joe grew up, got married, became a management consultant, and raised two talented children. When he was diagnosed with ALS, he rejected the prognosis and discovered ways to fight back against and partially reverse the degenerative disease. Joe blogged at From Nightmares to Miracles using only two fingers, and wrote More Time to Love to share his discoveries—from his wheelchair. After he passed away, his children worked with Kristen to bring his work to the public.

Read more about Joe here.

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