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Free Book: The Best Gift!

Self-Esteem for Your Children…And Yourself!

Uplift Press is excited to announce…

Self-Esteem: The Best Gift
(for your children AND yourself!)  

A free ebook for parents
Excerpt from The Winning Family with Dr. Louise Hart 

Dr. Louise Hart and Kristen Caven have co-authored three books: The Winning Family, On the Wings of Self-Esteem, and The Bullying Antidote. Co-founders of Uplift Press and Uplift Programs, our presentations to parents focus on creating families where no one has to lose.

Illustrated with sweet, uplifting images, this terrific resource presents a collection of chapters from the updated edition of The Winning Family, which will be coming out in 2022:

  • Parenting: The Most Important Work
  • The Greatest Gift: Self-Esteem
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Self-Esteem Protection Skills
  • Wonder Words
  • “Weather Report”

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Zoom Class for Parents

with the Oakland Peace Center PeaceMaker Series

Kids are back to school (sort of)—and it’s a great chance for parents to tune up their own skills!

Join me for a Saturday Night Stuck-at-Home Survival social for parents:

Peaceful Parenting in Stressful Times

A Zoom class for parents

Seeking greater family ease, connection, and mental/emotional health

with Kristen Caven
featuring Dr. Louise Hart
Authors of The Bullying Antidote, The Winning Family, and On the Wings of Self-Esteem.

September 26th

6:30pm—8pm PST

The focus of this class is on strategies for building positive emotion, which lowers stress, expands possibility, and develops inner resources. Children whose parents help them build positive emotion handle stress better, have healthier social lives and are less susceptible to peer pressure. Experiencing positive emotions helps everyone modulate our reaction to stress and allows us to recover from the negative effects of stress more quickly and completely.
Games, Giveaways, Conversation & Information
All attendees will receive a free book or class.

Sponsored by the Oakland Peace Center

Reserve Your Spot Now!

A sliding scale admission makes this event accessible to all.


Still a few picture books left!

“Liking Myself” is much appreciated

In the throes of this COVID pandemic, we are so appreciative of family service agencies who continue to provide virtual services, books, and activity baskets—sometimes delivered to the doorstep of families!

“We received our books [Liking Myself] a few days ago. My staff is very excited about sharing the books with our families. Something staff members all agreed on is that parents would also benefit from this book…there is no age limit with its benefits.” —Debbie Gibson, Children’s Program Director, CCUCP

This praise comes from a Children’s Program in rural Central California who provides early intervention and prevention for children with disabilities and delays throughout their county. In addition they offer a Family Resource Center for the 400 families they serve. Our census is approximately 400 families.

If you have an agency that provides services to families, contact us for deep discounts on our titles during this time.


Book Blowout!

Liking Myself bulk discounts for schools & social services

In preparation for a new edition of Liking Myself, we have the opportunity to sell these endearing books at deep bulk discounts to social service organizations and associations helping children and families. 

Liking Myself by Dr. Pat Palmer is an encouraging book and a valuable resource for building self-esteem and emotional stability in children 5 to 11 years of age. By writing or drawing responses to a variety of self-esteem activities, children develop social and emotional skills. The book teaches children to listen to and talk about feelings. They learn to manage the full range of their emotions including anxiety, anger, depression, and being overwhelmed, without hurting others.

93 pages (English)Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!icon-amazon
ISBN-10: 1892421534ISBN-13: 978-1892421531
8×6″ $12.99
Age Range: 5 – 11 years
Editions: Impact > Uplift Press > Boulden Publishing (2011)

Bulk Price List for Liking Myself (list $12.95)

          • 6-25 copies $4.95 each

          • 26-60 copies $3.95 each

          • Case of 60 for $175

Tax and shipping rates apply.

This offer is time-sensitive—please contact us by October 20th !

New eBook! “I Know They Love Me, But…”

More love for the holidays!

Coming together with family can be wonderful—or stressful, especially during the holidays.

Everyone needs love, but communicating love can be difficult.  If we don’t know how, our family may not feel loved.  This simple guide for parents can be a refresher, or can open your life to more happiness and joyful connections. 

Families that communicate love are more relaxed—and more fun—to be around! 

This book is FREE for Christmas! Use the coupon code “SW100” at this link between Christmas and New Year’s, 2019 — or get it for 99¢ anytime.

For more love, click here.


How to Build Self-Esteem in Your Family

Louise Hart’s popular class is now online!

Louise Hart’s original class, How to Build Self-Esteem in Your Family, is now available online. It’s the first online offering by Uplift U!

Click here to sign up for the class!

Recorded in 1990, the information is not only as fresh now as it was then, but neuroscience now scientifically proves the effectiveness of Hart’s observations. A few years after this, Louise first coined the term positive parenting, but this was the original class that started it all! (And her haircut is totally a blast from the past…!) Continue reading “How to Build Self-Esteem in Your Family”

Cinderella with a Soul

A fresh take on a classic you’ll never forget

We are proud to announce a new edition of The Souls of Her Feet this summer! This Cinderella send-up by Kristen Caven is our first novel. A fairytale ending is always uplifting, but there’s something special about this version, which includes plenty of self-esteem building and creative problem solving.


Continue reading “Cinderella with a Soul”

Uplift is UPping our game!

The History of Uplift Press

On our new website, you can more easily shop for all of our books, find information about the authors, and keep track of news about new titles, discounts, articles by the authors, and special events. Start by subscribing to follow our news, and get a free e-book on self-esteem protection skills from The Winning Family by Dr. Louise Hart!

The History of Uplift Press

Louise Hart’s first book, The Winning Family: Increasing Self-Esteem in Your Children—and Yourself, was published by Dodd, Mead in 1987, and they went out of business in 1990. With her daughter, Kristen Caven, she acquired the rights and founded Lifeskills Press so she could continue her speaking career. By the time Celestial Arts took it over in 1993, about 50,000 copies had already been sold; Celestial arts sold about 20,000 more. The Winning Family was translated into Portuguese (in Brazil), Spanish, Japanese, and Australian (the “moms” were changed to “mums”). We believe nearly 100,000 copies were sold internationally. 

Continue reading “Uplift is UPping our game!”