The Winning Family

Where No One Has to Lose

35th Anniversary Edition Available now!

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By Dr. Louise Hart & Kristen caven

More than a book on parenting, The Winning Family focuses on the personal development of parents along with the development of their children. Written by a mother/daughter team, it provides four generations of wisdom and an inspiring personal story. A mental and emotional health bible for parents and grown children, this book presents a hopeful model for breaking out of damaging patterns and shaping families characterized by joy and satisfaction, not manipulation and guilt.

In addition to the wealth of positive, forthright information that made this book a best-seller a generation ago, this new edition contains needed information for parents around digital media, food & mood, family boundaries, fractured families, and a new approach to  preventing ACEs that mitigates trauma. This book shows how to activate the power of love in a non-threatening, non-prescriptive way, illuminating the nitty gritty of communication and parent leadership.

The Winning Family:

As you abandon unhealthy, ineffective coping mechanisms, you will build

  • Deep inner confidence and a positive, realistic sense of self
  • The ability to create healthy boundaries and structure
  • Effective ways to instill self-discipline and internal motivation
  • Skills for honest, kind communication to resolve and prevent conflict
  • Positive attitudes that turn obstacles into opportunities for growth
  • Emotional intelligence to better understand and process feelings, and
  • The resilience to handle change and solve problems.
346 pages (English)
paperback ISBN: 9781647045470 / $16.95
ebook ISBN: 9781647045463 / $4.95
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Editions: Dodd, Meade > LifeSkills Press > Celestial Arts > Uplift Press

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Louise Hart Says:

“Childhood lasts only a few years,
but the experience lasts a lifetime.”

“I was raised with a harsh, fear-based parenting style. When I was pregnant with my first child, I vowed to raise my children differently. I searched for and developed a positive parenting style based on respect, empathy, love and understanding. The Winning Family summarizes the most important knowledge and insights I gained from hands-on experience as a full-time mom raising my two sons and daughter.  It’s sprinkled with our stories and expanded and reinforced with the positive psychology I learned in my graduate studies.”

“Raising healthy children who will flourish is the most important job of your life! Your children will thank you; so will your grandchildren.”

A Parent Educator Says:


“I am so happy for this two-generational edition of The Winning Family; it is a miraculous gift that validates its original power and includes everything we’ve learned in the past 35 years. It was far ahead of its time then, and is now timeless. The excitement, healing and shifts in perception—from fear-based parenting to love-based parenting—has changed many of my students’ lives.”

Nevin Valentine MA, Early Childhood
College Instructor and Parent Educator

Reviewers Say:

“Uniquely inspiring and non-guilt provoking.”Mothering Magazine
“I like this book!”Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, Harvard School of Medicine Professor Emeritus
“The book offers a clear message on making the family really work to everyone’s benefit. The Winning Family is a winner!”John Vasconcellos, Emeritus Dean, California Legislature
“This is ‘must reading’ for all caregivers of children. I read it cover-to-cover in one day.”Sandra Gellert, National Association for Family Day Care
“This book covers in a very insightful way all of the major stumbling blocks which lead to major dysfunctions in nuclear families.”Constance Jones, Professor of Sociology, Mills College
“Self-esteem must start with the family. The Winning Family needs to be in every home.”Dr. Michele Borba, Big Book of Parenting Solutions
“Packed with helpful insights and suggestions. I highly recommend it!”Jean Illsley Clarke, author of Self-Esteem: A Family Affair, and How Much is Enough?
“A wealth of forthright information.”Parenting Magazine
“A must for parents who want to have healthy children.”Dr. Patricia Palmer, clinical psychologist, author of Liking Myself, The Mouse, the Monster and Me, and Teen Esteem
“It is helping me in all my relationships.”Joanna, childcare provider and student
“I am a recovering alcoholic and The Winning Family has helped me very much. I know now that between my higher power and me, we are going to break that cycle that I’ve been in for 30 years.  I’m divorced and have two little boys. My self-esteem has really gone up, and so has my boys’. We are able to love each other like we have never before.”K.B, mother, CO
“This is a great book—easy to read and understand. It will change your life.”Karen, Amazon reviewer
“What can I say, this book is life changing. If you truly care about the happiness of your children and the world they live in, this book is for you. This book can be use as a daily resource for parenting improvement and a fun text to help you and your parenting partner to bond, heal and improve your life as a parent.” —J.M. Madrigal

“Even with two small children under the age of three, I read this book in only a few days. I couldn’t put it down, and when I did, I couldn’t wait to pick it up again! The Winning Family should be required reading in all high schools and colleges.”Lisa L. Wharton, NJ

“My husband and I were on our way to separating. But since reading this book and learning how to listen and deal with feelings, we have worked through so many problems. It has saved my daughters from growing up with divorced parents.”Tiffany, mother
The Winning Family is a book you will return to again and again for Hart’s reassuring words, lighthearted confidence in the love of parents for their children, and down-to-earth ideas about making the parenting journey a path to self-discovery.”Julianne Idelman, Hand in Hand Parenting Program, Palo Alto CA
“Practical and insightful. A super book!”Dr. Christopher Green, Australian pediatrician and author of Toddler Taming
“I have integrated the principles of this book into all aspects of how we work as a family. Now we are thriving!”Andrea, mother and entrepreneur

“Thank you for being one of the Positive and Inspiring People who have helped change my life. The change started when I picked up your book. Before I got through the Preface I cried.  From that day on I have become a new Person!  I always said that if I ever had a child I would not let him or her go through all the things I did. Well, I have a good relationship with my daughter. Thank you for giving my daughter back her father!”Peter, written in a correctional institution
“Each chapter is like a therapy session. It makes me want to be a better parent.”Maria, mother and student
“This book has become our second Bible.”Linda, mother and student, IL
“This is the number one book I recommend to parents.”Celeste, Elementary School Guidance Counselor
“The Winning Family is written in a way that is easy to read but the content itself goes into a very deep place and my unconscious gets tapped. I have Louise in my head.”Harvey, father
“I use this book all the time in counseling suicidal teenagers. My copies are marked up from constant use.”Dan Burchfield, Counselor, Pheonix AZ

The Winning Family has been published on three continents!