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Back in Print: Liking Myself

Understanding and Managing Our Feelings

Joining The Mouse, the Monster, and Me back on the shelves, Uplift Press is so excited to announce the return of Liking Myself by Dr. Pat Palmer as part of our new “Me, Myself, I” series.

This comprehensive book about understanding and managing feelings is also illustrated by artist Sue Ramá, and this edition sports a brand new, beautiful cover with three kids giving themselves and each other “thumbs up.”

Teachers, parents, and school counselors love using this book to help youngsters learn how to assert themselves appropriately, building self-esteem and safer, happier relationships. There’s a free teachers’ guide available on this website.

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Sneak Peek!

In upcoming months, watch for the re-release of the Spanish version of this book, with gorgeous new cover art by artist Sue Ramá.

These books are part of the new “Me, Myself, I” series, which will grow to include stand-alone sections of both books as well as a book for pre-schoolers.


Spring SALE

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child abuse happens when things go terribly wrong. Parents need to know it’s all about prevention, and they can make a difference. Because we want to put The Winning Family into every parent’s hands, the ebook is on sale this week for 99¢! 

An excerpt from Parenting and Empowerment, Chapter 15 of The Winning Family:

Violence: The Abuse of Power

Understanding power dynamics is crucial for a safer world. A 1992 study revealed that, of all the industrialized nations, the United States was the most violent, and since then, police violence has increased (disproportionately so against Black Americans). Worldwide, women and children are the primary victims of violence, and men are the primary perpetrators. Conditioned to accept violence and trained to commit violence, many men have difficulty talking about how it affects them—as perpetrators or as targets, when they are victims of child abuse, rape, or war.

Violence is the number-one health hazard in this country, more threatening than cancer, heart disease, or even automobiles. Here are some 2020 statistics.5

  • Terrorism is on the rise worldwide, with far-right extremism on the rise in the United States and beyond.
  • One in three women worldwide suffer physical or sexual abuse by an intimate partner.
  • Since 1963, four times more teens have been killed by guns at home than soldiers killed in all wars since then combined.
  • Over 60 percent of women have experienced violence online (and 6 percent of men).
  • Mass shootings are now so common that many aren’t even reported in the news.

Every family has to deal with violence in some form or another, within the home, among extended family, in the community, or on the news. Children raised in violent homes learn violence as a way of life, doing unto others what was done unto them or what their parents did to each other, unless they find safety in which to heal and make new choices. Many boys raised in violent households become perpetrators, while their sisters learn to accept abuse as normal.

The Mouse the Monster, and Me – text by Pat Palmer, illustration by Sue Rama

Violence of all kinds is reaching epidemic proportions in US families, and it does not stay within families. Childhood maltreatment roughly doubles the probability that an individual engages in many types of crime.6 Because violence creates ripples, domestic violence is not a private family problem. It affects all levels of society.

Violence has become so widespread in our society that we have come to accept it as normal, but it not normal. In fact, America is below average compared to other developed countries, according to the International Peace Index.7

Raising children with positivity will not protect them from all bullying and violence, but it absolutely builds resilience and instills a respectful and compassionate moral code, plus a sense of empathy and justice.

If you live in an abusive home, be responsible for your own safety and that of your children. You must find someone to talk to. You must get help. Visualize what you want for yourself, and muster your courage to make a change.

Timing is important. Protect yourself and your kids from harm. This is your right and your responsibility.

If you were raised in an abusive family, instead of repeating past mistakes, learn from them. Remember what it was like for you. Instead of wounding your children, heal yourself. You didn’t deserve abuse; neither do your kids. Seek information. Get help. Find supports. Believe in yourself. Be smart as you build your inner strength and skills. Develop a vision of hope. You can move away from past destructive patterns and create a positive healthy future for yourself and your beloved children.

The Winning Family ebook
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Kids can learn violence prevention skills by understanding power dynamics and how to manage them. Get The Mouse, the Monster, and Me for a child you love today! 

Back in Print: The Mouse, the Monster, and Me!

Assertiveness Skills for Young People

We are so excited to announce the return of Dr. Pat Palmer’s assertiveness classic for kids, The Mouse, the Monster, and Me. Charmingly illustrated by artist Sue Ramá, this book helps kids see the difference between aggressive “monster” and passive “mouse” behaviors, and learn how to get what they want by being a respectful “me” to themselves and others.  A trusted resource for teaching non-violent conflict management and reducing bullying dynamics. Teachers, parents, and school counselors love using this book to help youngsters learn how to assert themselves appropriately, building self-esteem and safer, happier relationships.

Get your copy today!

Coming soon:

In upcoming months, watch for the re-release of the Spanish version of this book, plus the Spanish and English versions of Liking Myself, Dr. Pat’s companion guide that teaches fundamental self-esteem skills to kids.

These books will be part of the new “Me, Myself, I” series, which will grow to include stand-alone sections of both books as well as a book for pre-schoolers.


Positive Psychology + Parenting = More Love

The connection between Positive Psych and Positive Parenting

An excerpt from The Idea of Winning, Chapter One of The Winning Family:

Much has changed since I became a mom. Mental illness is no longer a dirty secret, and mental health is considered as important as physical health. Neuroscience has validated all of this book’s wisdom, and studies on psychological strengths have, in fact, created a new field of psychology focused on flourishing—the state of growth above and beyond recovering. In fact, the term positive parenting, which we coined in one of Mom’s brochures over thirty years ago, is now widely used for reinforcing positive behavior. Positive parenting isn’t about making kids behave. Instead of the outside-in word behavior, we prefer the inside-out word agency. We focus on building inner authority, creativity, and positive self-esteem. We focus on connection.

Today, writers, bloggers, coaches, and teachers offer many parenting styles: helicopter parenting, gentle parenting, good-enough parenting. What we want to encourage in this book is real enthusiasm for the power of love in a family—empathy and understanding; belonging and strength.

Positive parenting is based on the foundational concept that nurturing positive emotion makes us more capable and happy. The goal of this book is to “improve family life by better understanding the dynamics of love, parenthood, and commitment,” which positive psychology textbooks cry out for. However, our philosophy goes even further than that; the tools we teach can help end cycles of trauma and violence that have gripped humanity for millennia.

My blended win-lose family was nothing unusual. Among the many changes to this edition is the addition of a chapter on broken or divided families, with insights into what makes re-mixed families work. I don’t know much about my stepmom’s upbringing, but my father’s was certainly traumatic and tumultuous, in spite of his cheerful spirit. Of my three parents, my mom was the only one who transformed herself, by taking the time to examine and release her own dysfunctional patterns. She worked hard to free herself from the trauma that shaped her, and now she shows others how to do it. One of her readers said, “This book is better than years of therapy.”

Currently, the world is having an awakening about the intergenerational effects of ancestral, generational, and childhood toxic stress, trauma, and violence. A Kaiser study changed the world when it revealed that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)3 negatively affect our mental, emotional, and physical health all our lives, even into old age, and into the lives of our grandchildren.

The Winning Family has always been about creating Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs or PACEs) that build resilience. Many of us have experienced childhood trauma, and our “natural” responses to the world are “off,” but we now know more about overcoming, healing, and well-being. In trauma, we lose. In resilience, we win.

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“Added ease and happiness”

news & reviews about The Winning Family

“This wise book is the fruit of a collaboration between mother and daughter! That alone speaks volumes–that these healthy, positive, research-based parenting strategies work across time and generations! Easy to read, well-organized, inspiring, and practical. Get it! It will mean added ease and happiness for you, your family, and the world!!” —Lucia E. Pugnali, Amazon reviewer

In her Fall newsletter, Dr. Hart writes:

We had a wonderful, easy book launch at the local library and park. It was great to be together with friends and family and celebrate our long journey together, which my daughter and collaborator Kristen wrote about so elegantly in her blog, “A Family Business—and a Legacy.” A former client and longtime friend even flew out from Colorado to talk about how this book changed his life—and his children’s, and his grandchildren’s. I even played the kazoo! Here are some photos:
scenes from our book launch 1

book launch a

photos by Kyle Metzger
We’re also honored that PACES Connection recommends our book for parents. Positive childhood experiences are a public health issue!

Have you read The Winning Family yet? Please leave a review so other readers can find it! 

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The Winning Family: Return of an Inspiring Parenting Classic

The 35th Anniversary edition of Dr. Louise Hart’s parenting classic revived with Kristen Caven

Kristen Caven and Dr. Louise Hart are a mother-daughter writing team who teach social and emotional well-being for parents and children of all ages. Their latest book, The Winning Family: Where No One Has to Lose helps readers develop the win-win life skills that build self-esteem, confidence, and unconditional love in family relationships. First published in 1987 by Dodd, Mead, this book (formerly subtitled Building Self-Esteem in Your Children and Yourself) broke ground for the self-esteem movement in the 1990s, and the authors coined the term “positive parenting” to describe the philosophy and techniques that bring out the best in children and help them reach their full potential and flourish.

Adding new chapters on bodies and brains, boundaries, and media addiction to the original chapters — on communication and empowerment; guidance, touch, and play; self-care, self-talk, and beliefs; problem solving and perfectionism; extended family, leadership, divorce and power dynamics—this book delivers information parents want and need. A welcoming, inclusive narrative addresses cultural and self-esteem issues—related to race, gender, religion, special needs and spectrum diversity, poverty, crime, abuse, and broken/blended families—in the full context of trauma recovery, emotional intelligence, and ACEs, (adverse childhood experiences). This book shows how to build PACEs (positive childhood experiences), which build lifelong health. Engaging and accessible personal stories make the concepts highly relatable.

“By supporting this beloved book, you are getting behind the idea that families should be places of positivity and growth for kids and parents alike,” said Kristen Caven in the team’s pre-launch video. “This book is an updated edition of a beloved parenting classic that can help a new generation to look beyond behavior, and empower kids as they themselves grow.” According to Caven, whose voice leads this edition, this project has deep roots in her own family, a vivid contrast of toxic and healthy relationships. Conflict resolution skills, anger management, healthy child development, and expectations management are skills she, as a child of divorce, wishes all parents could be knowledgeable about and skilled in, a problem this inspiring, hopeful book addresses.

About the Authors:

Dr. Louise Hart is a community psychologist and motivational speaker who has delivered over 400 presentations around the US and internationally. Kristen Caven is a credentialed trainer in positive psychology, who also leads the founding branch of the California Writers Club. Together they founded Uplift Press & Programs in Oakland, California. New editions of their other books, Wings of Self-Esteem and The Bullying Antidote, plus emotional health books for kids Liking Myself and The Mouse, the Monster, and Me by Dr. Pat Palmer are forthcoming through Uplift Press.

The Winning Family: Where No One Has to Lose will be available everywhere books are sold on September 1st, 2022.

Source: AB Newswire

Book Launch Party!

September 10, 2022 ~ at the Library & the Park!

We’re having our launch party in Oakland!

Saturday, September 10, 2022

10:30 -11:30 a.m. Meet the Authors at Dimond Library

12:00 – 1:30 p.m. Winning Family Park Party at Dimond Park

Meet Dr. Louise Hart and Kristen Caven, co-authors of The Winning Family: Where No One Has to Lose at this neighborhood book launch! The mother/daughter team will talk about the evolution of the 35th Anniversary edition, read chapter excerpts, and do a Q&A. Parenting questions welcome!

“What can I say, this book is life changing.! If you truly care about the happiness of your children and the world they live in, this book is for you. This book can be use as a daily resource for parenting improvement and a fun text to help you and your parenting partner to bond, heal and improve your life as a parent.” —J.M. Madrigal

There will a raffle at the Library for our books for children and adults, which will also be available at the Winning Family Park Party afterwards in Dimond Park. Bring a sack lunch and enjoy some playground games by the one, the only Mr. Caven of Horace Mann Elementary!

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Kicking off a New Edition!

The Winning Family rides again

Big news!

A new edition of The Winning Family will be coming out this fall. Louise and Kristen have been pouring over every chapter  to update this beloved classic for a new generation of parents, in celebration of The Winning Family’s 35th anniversary, we invite you to follow our Kickstarter and get connected with all of our positive parenting resources.

If you would like to get behind the idea that families should be places of positivity and growth for kids and parents alike, we invite you to back this project on Kickstarter!

Whether or not you choose to back this project, we urge you to see the video. The book is full of so many much-needed ideas, techniques, and guidelines for parents that you might also want to support the project on behalf of a friend or family member.

Check out our chapter list for all of the areas of parenting we cover: 

  1. The Idea of Winning
  2. You Are Creating a Masterpiece
  3. The Greatest Gift: Self-Esteem
  4. Building Self-Esteem
  5. Self-Esteem Protection Skills
  6. “I Know They Love Me, But I Don’t Feel It.”
  7. Listening Skills
  8. Asking and Refusal Skills
  9. Dealing with Feelings
  10. Coping Skills for Stress
  11. The Power of Words
  12. Parenting Responses that Affect Self-Esteem
  13. Parents Are Leaders: Re-Visioning Your Family
  14. Parenting Leadership Styles
  15. Parenting and Empowerment
  16. Family Boundaries
  17. Discipline Without Damage
  18. Problem Solving
  19. Touch is Vital
  20. Beliefs & Believing
  21. Monkey Talk
  22. Who’s Pulling Your Strings?
  23. Obsession With Perfection
  24. Internal Barriers to Self-Esteem
  25. External Barriers to Self-Esteem
  26. Cultural Barriers to Self-Esteem
  27. Guidance in the Digital Age
  28. The Power (and Pleasures!) of Play
  29. Bodies and Brains
  30. The Fractured Family
  31. Extending Your Family
  32. When Everybody Wins

Available wherever books are sold!

Free Book: The Best Gift!

Self-Esteem for Your Children…And Yourself!

Uplift Press is excited to announce…

Self-Esteem: The Best Gift
(for your children AND yourself!)  

A free ebook for parents
Excerpt from The Winning Family with Dr. Louise Hart 

Dr. Louise Hart and Kristen Caven have co-authored three books: The Winning Family, On the Wings of Self-Esteem, and The Bullying Antidote. Co-founders of Uplift Press and Uplift Programs, our presentations to parents focus on creating families where no one has to lose.

Illustrated with sweet, uplifting images, this terrific resource presents a collection of chapters from the updated edition of The Winning Family, which will be coming out in 2022:

  • Parenting: The Most Important Work
  • The Greatest Gift: Self-Esteem
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Self-Esteem Protection Skills
  • Wonder Words
  • “Weather Report”

Sign up and we’ll send you an email with a link so you can read the ebook as an epub, mobi (for Kindle), or pdf.