This fully updated, 35th anniversary edition of a beloved positive parenting classic by Dr. Louise Hart & Kristen Caven offers time-tested wisdom and fresh info about cultural trauma, mixed families & social media.
“A wealth of forthright information.” —Parenting Magazine

The Winning Family

Where No One Has to Lose

I Know They Love Me But… is an excerpt from The Winning Family. These two chapters blow up the blocks to love, and teach crucial listening skills.

I Know They Love Me But…

Keys to emotional connection with children 99¢

Cinderella as a sassy and savvy self-esteem journey—un-put-down-ably funny and sweet!

The Souls of Her Feet

Book One of the Fairytale Reality Project

Beloved by parents, teachers & counselors for decades!

Me Myself I Books

Personal Skills for Kids

How parents can use positivity science to help kids change bullying dynamics:

The Bullying Antidote

Superpower Your Kids for Life

A workbook for families and communities to build strength and love

The Zorgos Project

Discussion Guide for The Bullying Antidote

A beautiful metaphor for recovering our best self. Enthusiastically reviewed by top spirituality teachers.

On the Wings of Self-Esteem

A Practical Guide for Personal Transformation

The perfect metaphor for understanding traps of passivity and aggression. An easygoing workbook for kids, parents, counselors and teachers.

The Mouse, the Monster & Me

Assertiveness for Young People

A must-have resource for any parent to improve child behavior, heal low self-esteem, and build emotional literacy.

Liking Myself

Understanding and Managing Feelings

Self-Esteem essentials for busy parents who love their kids! The tips in this book will start working right away.

Self-Esteem: the Best Gift

Spanish & English eBooks ~ 99¢