Cinderella as a sassy and savvy self-esteem journey—un-put-down-ably funny and sweet!

The Souls of Her Feet

Book One of the Fairytale Reality Project

Beloved by parents, teachers & counselors for decades!

Children’s Books

Building Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Louise Hart’s groundbreaking parenting guide—an international bestseller!

The Winning Family

Increasing Self-Esteem in Your Children — and Yourself

A beautiful metaphor for recovering our best self. Enthusiastically reviewed by top spirituality teachers.

On the Wings of Self-Esteem

A Practical Guide for Personal Transformation

The perfect metaphor for understanding traps of passivity and aggression. An easygoing playbook for kids, parents, counselors and teachers.

The Mouse, the Monster & Me

Assertiveness for young people

This lovely parent/child work and playbook helps kids learn emotional intelligence and self-regulation. They’ll want to read it again and again!

Liking Myself

Understanding and managing feelings

Self-Esteem essentials for busy parents who love their kids! The tips in this book will start working right away.

Self-Esteem: the Best Gift

Spanish & English eBooks ~ 99¢