Kicking off a New Edition!

The Winning Family rides again

Big news!

A new edition of The Winning Family will be coming out this fall. Louise and Kristen have been pouring over every chapter  to update this beloved classic for a new generation of parents, in celebration of The Winning Family’s 35th anniversary, we invite you to follow our Kickstarter and get connected with all of our positive parenting resources.

If you would like to get behind the idea that families should be places of positivity and growth for kids and parents alike, we invite you to back this project on Kickstarter!

Whether or not you choose to back this project, we urge you to see the video. The book is full of so many much-needed ideas, techniques, and guidelines for parents that you might also want to support the project on behalf of a friend or family member.

Check out our chapter list for all of the areas of parenting we cover: 

  1. The Idea of Winning
  2. You Are Creating a Masterpiece
  3. The Greatest Gift: Self-Esteem
  4. Building Self-Esteem
  5. Self-Esteem Protection Skills
  6. “I Know They Love Me, But I Don’t Feel It.”
  7. Listening Skills
  8. Asking and Refusal Skills
  9. Dealing with Feelings
  10. Coping Skills for Stress
  11. The Power of Words
  12. Parenting Responses that Affect Self-Esteem
  13. Parents Are Leaders: Re-Visioning Your Family
  14. Parenting Leadership Styles
  15. Parenting and Empowerment
  16. Family Boundaries
  17. Discipline Without Damage
  18. Problem Solving
  19. Touch is Vital
  20. Beliefs & Believing
  21. Monkey Talk
  22. Who’s Pulling Your Strings?
  23. Obsession With Perfection
  24. Internal Barriers to Self-Esteem
  25. External Barriers to Self-Esteem
  26. Cultural Barriers to Self-Esteem
  27. Guidance in the Digital Age
  28. The Power (and Pleasures!) of Play
  29. Bodies and Brains
  30. The Fractured Family
  31. Extending Your Family
  32. When Everybody Wins

Available wherever books are sold!