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Liking Myself bulk discounts for schools & social services

In preparation for a new edition of Liking Myself, we have the opportunity to sell these endearing books at deep bulk discounts to social service organizations and associations helping children and families. 

Liking Myself by Dr. Pat Palmer is an encouraging book and a valuable resource for building self-esteem and emotional stability in children 5 to 11 years of age. By writing or drawing responses to a variety of self-esteem activities, children develop social and emotional skills. The book teaches children to listen to and talk about feelings. They learn to manage the full range of their emotions including anxiety, anger, depression, and being overwhelmed, without hurting others.

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ISBN-10: 1892421534ISBN-13: 978-1892421531
8×6″ $12.99
Age Range: 5 – 11 years
Editions: Impact > Uplift Press > Boulden Publishing (2011)

Bulk Price List for Liking Myself (list $12.95)

          • 6-25 copies $4.95 each

          • 26-60 copies $3.95 each

          • Case of 60 for $175

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